CR in the press

Here are some samples of Creative Review's appearances in other media

Creative Review's film on Mumbai taxi art, made with Grandmother India as part of the cover story for last year's April issue, made it into the Independent

12/10/2010 - CR hits the homepage of Twitter with its story about GAP's decision to abandon its widely derided new logo in favour of the old one

23/4/2010 - The cover for CR's 2010 Annual was created using pollen-cells grown into the shape of an A. The story was picked up by leading science journals Nature, New Scientist and La Recherche


15/1/2010 - CR's last three web interns, Tom Jefanovas, Amber Rastogi and Yong Ping Loo, all made Web Designer Magazine's Hot 100 selection

16/11/2009 - CR's publisher Jess MacDermot is interviewed in Print Media Management

2/10/2009 - The Photography Annual was featured on Wallpaper*'s site

15/07/2009 - is selected as Web User Magazine's site of the day

14/07/2009 - Metro includes in its Net Result section

04/07/2009 - MediaUK named Creative Review number 4 in its list of most popular UK magazines on Twitter. The story was also featured in Marketing and PR Week

18/06/2009 - Web User magazine awards the Creative Review site a 4 Star rating

29/05/2009 - Eliza William's heavily circulated feature The Youtube Dilemma is picked up by the Independent, and also republished in the US by Business Week

15/05/2009 - The Times' Universal Register picks as its online destination of choice.

17/04/2009 - Creative Review editor Patrick Burgoyne is interviewed by PR Week

26/03/2009 - The Independent encourages readers to watch CR's Mumbai taxi art documentary in its Life Browser column

28/07/2008 - Metro and the Mirror feature CR and Sony's joint commission of Jason Tozer's Planet Tozer project