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Rubik's Cube Type Stamp

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Posted by Patrick Burgoyne, 19 May 2009, 17:35    Permalink    Comments (33)

Jas Bhachu, who will soon graduate from Liverpool School of Art & Design, has created this Rubik's Cube Font Generator

The Font Generator has rubber stamps attached to four faces of the cube, with two faces blank. The modular elements of the stamps can be combined to form characters which can then be printed.

It comes in this neat packaging

With instructions (always useful)

And can make work like this

More at Bhachu's website,


Just awesome!
2009-05-19 19:31:03

Beautiful. I love it.
2009-05-20 02:36:58

Finally a Rubiks cube I work. Fantastic idea and nice execution.
Greig Anderson
2009-05-20 06:16:34

2009-05-20 07:35:22

wow! This is simply fantastic! Great great work.
2009-05-20 09:10:16

Thats genius! How can I get one?

2009-05-20 11:05:27

2009-05-20 11:31:10

Great, but could be very laborious. Even for a speed cuber it is likely to take a few seconds to setup each character. Maybe the idea is to buy lots of them (clever sales technique) so they can setup for all the common characters in advance.
Richard - Accessible Web Design
2009-05-20 12:35:01

Awesome. B*stard!
2009-05-20 12:35:14

More can be seen here -
or here
Jas Bhachu
2009-05-20 13:36:30

wow great, i want one!
2009-05-20 13:42:52

Cute idea... But, almost completely impractical. It would be like drawing animation frames on an Etch-A-Sketch.
2009-05-20 15:01:42

I see this has made its way out of - congrats Jas!
2009-05-20 15:42:53

I want one! Can't find it available anywhere. Is is made?
Michael Preston
2009-05-21 00:51:40


we have moued??

mmmh. despite that: nice toy. guess you can create a lot more than just letters with that thing, even if it takes a while to sort it out (remembering how long it took me to get the color cube done with just two matching colors... ;D )
2009-05-21 02:35:26

Fantastic, get to manufacturing these, there's a market amongst graphic designers at least!


PS: Erm, I'm not sure this is supposed to be entirely 'practical', is it. After all, we do have several means of 'typesetting' and printing at our disposal these days! You've got to laugh.
Garrett Reil
2009-05-22 09:40:30

Occasionally, I see something I really wished I'd thought of. This is one of those things and for that I love it and loathe it in equal measure. And will of course buy one, but just not tell anyone I have. Well done, Jas, it's brilliant and I hate you.

2009-05-22 13:18:59

wow, pretty cool
2009-05-22 14:34:28

Thanks guys for your comments, I am looking into manufacturing the cube for retail. When / if I do I will let you all know.

Jas Bhachu
2009-05-22 14:50:26


Good luck with it.
James S Waring
2009-05-22 14:59:34

I love it .
2009-05-22 17:41:01

Wow! This is a great idea.
I would love one.

Good luck with this Jas.
2009-05-23 19:46:30

I did the same thing a little over a year ago...
Scott Kellum
2009-05-24 04:44:17

The ink from previous letters is going to get all over your hands, right? messy.... and excellent!
Neal Kemp
2009-05-24 20:35:24

your type cube really isn't the same though is it Scott.
You don't really produce anything. Afterall we all love
printing as designers. Love the cube.
2009-05-25 00:15:16

That's so so so cool and creative thing.
2009-05-25 02:55:19

Sorta reminds me of the bricks used at
2009-05-28 18:39:22

Go on dragon's den! It's a really clever design. Well done Jas
2009-05-30 14:52:52

So, the difference between an "A" and an "M" is a circle vs a square in the center position? Not very readable
2009-06-08 20:17:47

Great minds eh? I did this for the recent ISTD competition.

uncanny, I'd like to get in touch with Jas, maybe we could compare notes.

Tom Jensen
Tom Jensen
2009-06-11 00:11:55

Terrible. The fonts look brutal, and it would take far too long to actually use. I wouldn't even rate it as a conceptual idea, because it has no possible real world application.
2009-08-02 13:54:19

Thats awesome !
2010-01-12 15:01:21

its really innovative and creative thought ,its remarkable for the thought of the designer,we can make signature designs which could be somewhere around 9x9x9x9x9x9=531441(minimum) designs will always be in your hand if you use it as block print,usage is uncountable.from now am going to buy rubik cubes.
2010-01-17 04:52:44

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