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Can you draw the internet?

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Posted by Creative Review, 9 November 2010, 10:19    Permalink    Comments (11)

To coincide with Internet Week Europe, ad agency Saint is pitting the creative industry against a bunch of 9 year-old kids, to find out who's the more creative. The challenge? Can you draw the internet?


Saint is asking anyone working in the creative industry to submit a drawing of the internet via (illustrator Jonny Wan's entry is shown top, Jody Barton's above).

On Friday this week it is running a workshop with a group of 9 year-olds who will then get to draw their interpretation of the net. The public can then vote on which is the best/most interesting visualisation of what the internet means.

From Poke's Nic Roope

Apparently, a lot of the entries from the industry so far have concentrated on the, err, seamier side of things – let's hope the kids have purer minds...

Richard Barrett, Saint

Mick Marston, The Futile Vignette Company

Simon Labbett, Saint

If you'd like to have a go, upload your drawing here


Really, Really Cool....
2010-11-09 16:57:08

Oh my, I have to have a go at this
web design chester
2010-11-09 18:54:50

Imagination will out do creative thought.
Matthew Thomas Holley
2010-11-09 21:16:47

Genius. No, really, GENIUS.
Polski Andi
2010-11-09 23:23:03

Really Liking it
Kyle Smith
2010-11-10 10:58:35

It must be cats!
2010-11-10 14:36:18

I absolutely expect one of the 9 year olds to win, and handsomely.
Nick Waddington
2010-11-10 16:01:00

And the prize is what exactly?

Lots of free drawings & exposure for Saint ad agency?

NO thanks.
2010-11-10 16:23:00

Pity that MOST of the entries are from folks 'Photoshop Fridays' which gives the impression that no longer than an hour was spent on each piece.

Complete pile of Plop are the entries
2010-11-11 20:23:14

Just paid a visit to this site.
There were a lot of porn references!
But the images that stood out for me were 8 year old Shannon's brilliant image 'The internet sucks' and from the creative industry, Billie Jean's topical comment about online freedom in China.
Nice project.
2010-11-12 09:19:11

Hey no one can draw internet. Internet is present virtually not physically. It is imaginary but we can access it through computers. :)
SEO Company in India
2012-03-27 06:11:30

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