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Posted by Creative Review, 24 September 2010, 11:48    Permalink    Comments (17)

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Design Museum last night for the first ever CR Tweetup. Free drink, a free Moleskine and LEGO® – what more could you want?

Some of CR's 179,000 Twitter followers took over the Design Museum last night as we staged our first ever Tweetup. On arrival, everyone received a CR Moleskine notebook like this:

After a free drink (thanks to the support of istockphoto) we soon set guests to work at the 'activity table' on the ground floor where they were asked to respond to a frequently updated brief on an 'endless' roll of paper.

We asked everyone coming to bring a piece of work which would then be taped up to make and impromptu exhibition upstairs. Here's some of the work going up

Here's our designer Tom Gaffan with a friend.

In the exhibition space we also had screens streaming the latest Tweets about the event – thanks very much to Nice for the app. Here it is next to Neil Ayres, our Twittermeister-in-chief

While we were busy getting the work up, our guests were invited to get their creativity going in the John Pawson exhibition. Each one was given a bag of LEGO® (thanks Andrew and Camilla) and asked to build a house.

Pretty soon, the room was full of CR readers deep in concentration as they applied themselves to this challenging task

Whoever did the LEGO® CR shown top, please let us know in the comments.

Afterwards there was a prize draw for an array of fantastic LEGO® sets including this monster, a metre long model of Tower Bridge worth £200 (as modelled by CR's Sarah Davies) which isn't even in the shops yet.

Thanks to the Design Museum, LEGO®, Nice, istockphoto, Moleskine and everyone who came along last night. It was great fun and definitely something we want to do again – we're already talking about doing it again, maybe taking it out of London, possibly Manchester?

You can see lots more pictures of last night on Flickr here and follow us on Twitter here


Yep I made the futuristic Bond Lair with Chloe (one at the bottom of the pictures) - it is a car/submarine and has 4 henchman and a Blofeld character.

God I love LEGO. Made me feel about 4 again.

This was seriously the most fun ever. Do this again CR!

Julian McCrea
2010-09-24 12:52:48

This was an amazing event - Hopefully there will be more in the future!
2010-09-24 12:56:47

Jealous! I want that lego and I want one of those moleskins! ;-)
2010-09-24 13:03:23

It's very exciting to have my work published on the Creative Review blog, although am slightly embarrassed that it's a hastily scribbled dinosaur with two heads. ;)

Thanks so much to all who organised and sponsored this, it was a cracking night. Very nice to meet some proper lovely people as well.
Laura Barnard
2010-09-24 13:13:00

I hold myself responsible for the Ewok-habited flying jet propelled house boat.
Complete with roof garden.

Had a blast and going to be purchasing some LEGO - forgot the fun that can be had.

Thanks CR!

Matthew Kempton
2010-09-24 13:29:28

Any chance you could do a Tweetup somewhere "up North"
2010-09-24 13:39:08

May all involved live to be 1000 years old. Can't wait for the next one :)
Stuart Witts
2010-09-24 13:50:04

I had such a lovely time :)
Brilliant choice of companies to get involved (big up moleskine, lego and istockphoto for the drinks!), I'd love to come to another one some time. Great venue too, of course :)
2010-09-24 15:20:32

Thank you Creative Review for the invite, it was a real pleasure and whole lot of fun, to play and build with LEGO, and meets lots of new designers and admire their work, bravo.

Looking forward to the next one,
jitesh patel
2010-09-24 15:24:26

Had a great time and really impressed with the Creative Review emboss on my moleskine. It was a great chance to meet some new faces and have some fun along the way. Many thanks Dan
Designer dan
2010-09-24 15:51:40

best night ever got my photography annual signed and the lego was just epic!

thanks cr
2010-09-25 00:11:26

Big thanks to Neil and the CR team. Thanks for inviting us along we had a great time.

If you fancy playing a bit more (sorry, being creative) you can have a go with our digital designer It's even available for Mac :-)
2010-09-25 07:54:04

Great to see that my lego CR logo made it onto the blog! Thank you for an amazing evening, hope to hear that another one will be coming up soon.

Stuart Whitton
2010-09-25 19:17:21

Many thanks to Patrick, Neil, Lego and Moleskine for a lovely evening. Well done all!
2010-09-26 17:03:55

What a wonderful evening, this is what creativity is all about! Would have loved to have been there. Do you have any Moleskins left?
Andy Gray
2010-09-27 09:18:31

Please Please Please bring it to Manchester!! Looks like a lot of fun! so jealous of the free moleskine.. and even more envious of the free lego!
2010-09-27 22:48:30

OMG this is so awesome. all my fave things... lego, moleskine, twitter & lots of art happenin!
come to india guys :)
2010-09-28 12:54:58

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