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Ice Cube celebrates Charles and Ray Eames

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Posted by Eliza Williams, 9 December 2011, 15:20    Permalink    Comments (9)

In this brilliant short film, Ice Cube delivers his views on LA design, and the importance of Charles and Ray Eames to the city...

Cube may seem an unlikely design expert, but according to the film, he studied architectural drafting before become a rapper, and he turns out to be a beguiling presenter, giving personal insights on the Eames style ("they was doing mash-ups before mash-ups even existed!"), and offering up design truisms such as "one man's eyesore is another man's paradise".

The film is part of a series created by TBWA Chiat Day in LA for Pacific Standard Time, a project by a collective of art institutes in Southern California that aims to celebrate the influence that artists from the area have had on popular culture. A previous film saw Antony Kiedis celebrate the work of Ed Ruscha. More info on Pacific Standard Time is here.

Agency: TBWA Chiat Day LA
CCO: Rob Schwartz
ECD: Patrick O'Neill
Creative director: Jayanta Jenkins
Creatives: Evan Brown, Liz Cartwright, Stephen Lum
Director: Dave Meyers
Production company:


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Xzibit would have been better than Ice Cube!

"Yo dawg, I heard you like Eames, so we put a DCW on your Eames Lounge (670) so you can sit on an Eames whilst you sit on an Eames."
2011-12-09 15:51:09

Awesome history lesson. A few years back there was actually an Eames being given away to anyone who could cart it off. It was featured on the back page of This Old House magazine. There are some amazing homes free or inexpensive if you know history and quality. I was 36 hours late in getting the place. It was a house you could unbolt, pack on a semi and set up anywhere within days. The design of the Eames's still beat the FEMA roach spray embedded temporary shelters the force people to accept.

Great Job Ice
BK Beach 4X4
2011-12-09 16:21:44

Love this campaing - Love Cube and my favorite architect Charles Eames. Best Bauhaus Designer of the world. Thumbs up for this classic collaboration
Eames Classics
2011-12-10 00:56:08

I think this is great. Using Celebrity icons in the correct way. Each with something significant to say. I'm a believer.
Jake Evans
2011-12-11 16:16:27

Did he just call me a bitch? I'm not your bitch Mr. Cube, bleedat! But I like the video...
Simon Palmer
2011-12-13 12:47:07

"This is going green 1949 style, bitch. Believe that"
Excellent! Move over Kevin McCloud, there's a new dawg on the architectural presenting scene...
2011-12-13 12:52:36

Urgh! . . the fella is unbearably cool!

Which is why having him present a piece on the subject of Eames works a treat.

Love it


*Or other such hip(like) salutations
2011-12-13 13:35:50

Really well done on this job, Thumbs up
Jitesh Patel
2011-12-13 13:39:44

cool film, and architecture too.
2011-12-15 12:40:54

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