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The Sea of Pianos

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Posted by Mark Sinclair, 13 December 2011, 15:02    Permalink    Comments (7)

A new short film by directors Tom Wrigglesworth and Mathieu Cuvelier follows Marc Manceaux, the philosophical owner of the oldest piano shop in Paris...

In La Mer de Pianos Manceaux describes how his shop deals in parts for vintage pianos. He harvests bits and pieces from various models so that other pianos "can sing again".

While responsible for breathing life into restored instruments, his difficulty in sacrificing one piano for the sake of many others is plain to see in this lovely little film.

Directed, shot and edited by Tom Wrigglesworth and Mathieu Cuvelier
Graded by Luke Morrison at The Mill
Mixed by Jeff Smith at 750mph
Special thanks to Clare Sullivan at 750mph


Lovely work.
Simon Winnall
2011-12-13 16:16:35

Lovely. Five minutes in another world.
Michael Leahy
2011-12-13 16:21:45

Done in a way that only the French do. Trés bon.
2011-12-15 12:20:33

As a pianist, i really enjoyed watching that.
2011-12-15 13:42:16

'but that's what organ donation is all about' - effortless poetry. very charming
2011-12-15 14:23:53


Absolutely "old school." A time when pride was taken seriously in doing the right thing in your job, craft and profession. I really like his comment of, he buys piano parts, and if he can't find it, he would make it.

Very nice way to begin my day.
2011-12-15 16:25:31

That brings back memories of when I was a piano restorer in UK, had a smaller shed like that full of old keyboards, actions and case parts from old pianos which I had salvaged parts from in order to use in another piano where I could not gt parts easily.
2014-01-23 15:36:26

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