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CR Type Annual: the winners

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Posted by Creative Review, 7 February 2011, 15:53    Permalink    Comments (4)

Typefaces for schools, tattooists, magazines and museums all feature in our first Type Annual, with winning designs from as far afield as Chile, New Zealand, Argentina and Israel. Congratulations to all

The current issue of CR features the winning work in our Type Annual in a special section all printed on beautiful 160gsm Conqueror paper, with full details on each typeface, links to the designers' sites and so on.

The work is split into four categories: Display, Bespoke, Non-Latin and Text while the best of the best feature in our Best in Book section.

Highlights in Best in Book include Kris Sowersby's geometric sans serif Karbon, and Park House, a typeface designed by NB with Jeremy Tankard for a London property development

Plus we have the beautiful Retiro from Jean-François Prochez for Madriz magazine, "an imaginary Castilian and Andalusian vernacular Didot"

and Rubal Stencil, by Atelier Télescopique for a secondary school in Lille, France

Display features two faces by Alexander McCracken  – Aperture and Estrella (shown top) plus Stempel Elan from Frank Grießhammer (below) and Alejandro Paul's Piel Script for tattooists

Non-Latin features Armenian, Hebrew (by Oded Ezer) and Arabic faces

While in Bespoke we have faces for magazines, exhibitions and the iPad

And in Text we have House Industries' tribute to the Eames and more

If you can't track down a copy at your local newsagent, simply call +44(0)207 292 3703 to buy direct from us. Or fill out the form here. Issues cost £5.90 including P&P for the UK.

Better yet, subscribe to CR for a year here and save yourself almost 30% on the printed magazine. Online only subs are also available, for just £40.

Current online subscribers can see all the winners here.


There's no need to have that grid in the background distracting the type display!
2011-02-08 00:16:34

I hope CR didn't win anything! Dala Floda does not work well as small as you use it and it really annoys me because not only are you ruining a beautiful typeface but I just cannot read it and this makes me stressed.
2011-02-09 17:16:00

gimme gimme GIMME!
2011-02-11 23:01:00

I really enjoyed the type annual, Thought the choices of typefaces were great. Not quite '8faces' but still very very good!
2011-02-12 11:08:54

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