Photo Annual

Judging criteria

When choosing what work to submit please consider the criteria we ask the panel to take into account when judging:

• Excellence in craft
• Innovation in ideas and approach to subject matter
• Suitability to subject matter, category or purpose and use.

For full information on what should be submitted into each category, please see the What to Enter page.

In order to qualify, work must have been shot between 18th August 2014 and 18th September 2015.

How will the work be showcased?

We’ll be putting together a special Photography Annual Entry Showcase. Every piece of work will have a representative image showcased online on the Creative Review website.

Successful entries will be showcased in the special December edition of Creative Review published in print and online in November 2015.

Work selected for the Photography Annual will be published by category.

There are no category winners or restrictions on the number of works to be selected for The Photography Annual, we leave that up to the judges.

Entries deemed to be of outstanding quality in the opinion of our Judges will be further honoured as Best In Book. All work will be considered for this accolade and there is no additional entry fee.