The Annual

Entry Criteria

Work entered into The Annual 2014 must have been produced or first launched/ broadcast/ published during 2013 to be eligible for entry.

Judging Criteria
Our judges will select successful work for publication based on the following criteria:

· Does it innovate?
· Is it powerful?
· Is it appropriate?
· Does it achieve its objectives?
· It is original?
· Is it beautiful?

No Category Restrictions or Category Winners
Work selected for The Annual is not published by category. We have however found it useful to list a group of disciplines during the entry process to identify the area you feel best fits your work. This is purely a means to help with the administration of the judging process and guarantees that your work will be seen by the judging panel with the most relevant expertise. When you upload your work you will be asked to select one of the following areas:

· Advertising
· Design
· Digital
· Music Video
· Other*

* If your work does not fit easily into any of the listed divisions please select ‘Other'. We will ensure that your work is seen by the most appropriate jury.

There are no sector winners or restrictions on the number of works to be selected for The Annual; we leave that up to the judges.

Best In Book
Entries deemed to be of outstanding quality in the opinion of our judges will be further honoured as ‘Best In Book'. All work will be considered for this accolade and there is no additional entry fee.

Changes to the entry process this year
Historically The Annual has been divided by Single (one piece of work), or Series/Campaign (2-5 related pieces of work) entries. This year to make the entry process even easier, entries are no longer allocated into these two sections. However any work that contains multiple components MUST be part of the same project or else work will be disqualified (with no refund) until further payment is made for each piece of work separately.

Please note: despite their being no limit to the number of related pieces of work per submission, for administration purposes there is a maximum limit of 20 digital files per entry. Please bear in mind that the judges have a considerable number of entries to review so entries with multiple images would ideally be submitted as one pdf.

Entries Selected for Publication
Work selected for the Annual will be showcased in chronological order by Month and not by a predetermined category. The Annual will be published in the May 2014 issue of CR (on stands April 2014).