The Annual

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the entry deadline?
The deadline for entry is Friday 24th January 2014. Entries will be accepted until 5.30pm.

Can I edit my entry?
Entries may be edited up until the point of 'submission'; all submissions must be made by Friday 24th January 2014 Entries will not be considered fully submitted until the entrant has proceeded to the payment stage and selected a payment method.

What is the eligibility period for entries?
Any work entered must have been produced or first launched/broadcast/published during 2013 to be eligible for entry. Please view the Entry Criteria page for the criteria against which your entry will be judged.

What is the maximum number of digital files I can submit for my entry?
Despite their being no limit to the number of related pieces of work per submission, for administration purposes there is a maximum limit of 20 digital files per entry. Please bear in mind that the judges have a considerable number of entries to review so entries with multiple images would ideally be submitted as one pdf.

What if my work has multiple components?
Entries including more than one piece of work must ensure that those items submitted are related and are part of the same project. Examples of related pieces of work include: a poster campaign of multiple designs, a digital piece of work encompassing website, tablet and mobile integration, an integrated ad campaign or various elements included in a brand identity.

Unrelated pieces of work submitted as a one entry will be disqualified until each piece is paid for individually. Should you want to remove this entry no refund will be given.

What should I submit?
All entries must include an explanatory brief (maximum length one side of A4 page) which must be uploaded upon completing the online part of the entry process. The judges always prefer to see physical examples of entries where appropriate. In addition to this, you may upload digital supporting material in the following file formats: Jpeg, Tif, Bmp. For moving images please provide Mov files using the H264 codec or as Mp4 files. Please ensure that your brief and any supporting material do not exceed the maximum upload limit of 5MB per entry.

For information on how to submit files larger than 5MB and more information on what your submission should include, please see the What to Enter page.

What should I do if I lose my password?
Upon registration you will receive an email that contains your selected password. Should you lose this information, click here to have your password re-sent to you.

What is the deadline for payment?
All entry payments must be cleared by Friday 24th January 2014. Once payment has been received your entry/ies will be passed to the judges for review.

Can I get an invoice?
We are not able to invoice for entries. However, a pro-forma invoice is included as part of your booking confirmation email once you have submitted your entry.

When is the judging taking place?
Judging will take place from February 2014. All entrants will be contacted as soon as possible via the email address supplied at registration after the judging day to update them on the status of their entry/ies.

How will the selected work be showcased?
Work selected for The Annual will be showcased in the publication in chronological order by month and not within the constraints of categories. There are no category winners or restrictions on the number of works selected for publication. In addition to selection for publication in the Creative Review Annual, entries deemed to be of outstanding quality in the opinion of our judging panel will be further honoured as 'Best In Book'.

If my work is selected, when will it be published?
All entrants will be notified as to the status of their entries after the judging is complete. Selected entries will be published in the May 2014 issue of Creative Review (on stands April 2014).