The Annual

How to Enter

Please ensure you read the below steps prior to submitting your work:

1. Complete your explanatory brief (this is where you must provide any additional information about your project that you feel will help the judges, maximum length one side of A4) and collate any digital supporting material

2. Obtain client approval for your entry/ies (if applicable) prior to making your submission

3. Go to the Make an Entry page and follow these steps:

i. Fill in the registration box with your email address then proceed to the registration page and complete your details

ii. Proceed to the 'Awards Summary' page and click 'Enter this Category'

iii. Enter all the requested information

iv. Upload your completed explanatory brief and any digital supporting material (see What to Enter page for further details)

v. To complete click 'Save & Go to Awards Summary'

vi. If you would like to make further entries, expand the category list and repeat steps ii-v

vii. In order to submit your entry/ies for review you must tick each entry and click 'Submit and Pay'

viii. Select a payment method, complete your payment details and press 'Proceed'

ix. Your entry/ies will now be considered submitted and the Rules of Entry will apply

4. Once you have submitted your entries online you will receive an automated email from the website containing your entry number/s. Please keep this information for reference purposes

5. Send any physical samples and/or USB/CD clearly labelled with your entry number. Click here (link to What to Enter page) for full details

Editing your entry prior to submission
You can leave and return to the website to edit your entries prior to submission until Friday 24th January 2014. Once registered, you will receive an email detailing your password along with a link that will enable you to return to your unsubmitted entries and edit as necessary. Once ready to submit, return to step 'vii' above and complete the process. Please ensure you click the 'logout' button before leaving the site to save your entries.

Please note it will not be possible to amend or submit entries after Friday 24th January 2014.

Deadline for Submission and Payment
All submissions must be made by Friday 24th January 2014. Entries will not be considered fully submitted until the entrant proceeds to the payment stage and chooses a payment method. Payments must be cleared by Friday 24th January 2014. Once payment has been received your entry/ies will be passed to the judges for review.

To register and make an entry today, click here.